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Video Resumes

The jury is still out on whether the investment of time and money is worthwhile to create a quality video resume from the candidate’s perspective and ultimately accepting them as a viable recruitment option, from the employer’s perspective. 

Proponents say a video resume or an additional video component can be an excellent complement to the traditional resume, allowing the applicant to highlight specific skills and present a clearer picture of a candidate. The novelty of a video resume may provide an advantage over a pile of paper resumes. Some job seekers are using video resumes as a way to market themselves to employers and stand out among other candidates who do not yet use this tool.

One of the disadvantages of video resumes is that many hiring managers and employers may not have the time to view it.  Although some companies are now offering multimedia capabilities that go way beyond the old one-page paper resume, a video resume could contain information that unintentionally discredits the job seeker rather than bolsters his/her professional qualifications.  There really are no clear established guidelines for how a video resume should look or what kind of content they should include.

A possible alternative to a video resume in assisting a candidate in branding themselves is to take advantage of the various business-networking media sites.  For example, a short video attached to a LinkedIn profile or other site where the recruitment community will be looking could be advantageous.

If you feel a video resume is right for you, multimedia offerings are expanding.  Several video resume sites have launched in the past few years.  A few include,, and  None of which we have had any personal experience and we are offering these named sites purely for informational use- not as a recommendation or endorsement.

There are many video-sharing sites, again being named purely for informational use, that allow video content distribution including Vimeo, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Metacafe and Buzznet.  We would not recommend uploading your video and making it easily available for the public. One should be selective about with whom it is shared.

In conclusion, we have not yet encountered many companies incorporating video resumes into their recruitment process.  While there are certainly many situations where video resumes could be beneficial, always supplement your video resume with a traditional paper resume.  Before submitting a video resume, a candidate should check to insure the company does not have a policy against their use in evaluating candidates.  And, a great branded resume on a business-networking site, such as LinkedIn, that allows links and a portfolio could be equally effective.